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1 Lt./33.814 oz. Bottle:

RY-STAIN AWAY is a Premium Grade Sealer for Polished or Honed Natural Stone Surfaces. 


Neutral solvent-based hydro-oleophobic stain-repellent protective.

Colorless, neutral, non-filming, non-yellowing, breathable, UVA- resistant.

Suitable for marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine, quartzite, dolamite, terracotta onyx etc.  Good for polished or honed surfaces, it does not change the appearence or color of the stones. It protects against stains, it does not protect against etching.





Wear a respirator-mask, eyes, skin protection, and nitrile gloves.


Keep children and pets away.  Keep away from heat, or flames, and store it in a cool dry and safe place. Read and follow all instructions on label and supplemental literature provided prior to use. Test it in an small inconspicuous area first. Do not apply to dusty, dirty, or wet surfaces.


 Apply one generous coat of RY STAIN AWAY to a clean and dry surfaces using

a brush, cotton cloth, roller, or spray evenly, in a very well ventilated area.


 Wait approximately 15-20 minutes for the product to absorb. Apply a second coat if the product completely absorbs within 10 minutes. Use a terry cloth to remove any excess, buff by hand with a microfiber towel before the product completely dries to avoid streaks.

[Allow 24 hours for the product to cure prior to food prepping, wetting, or foot traffic]

Recommended application for maximum protection every 6-12 months for marble, 24-36 months for granite.



This product ships from New Jersey to the Lower 48 States Only.

No International Shipping at this time.

Federal Regulations for shipping limits this products to 5 liters per box maximum.

Separate boxes will be shipped for quantities over 5 liters.

STAIN AWAY: Premium Grade Sealer for Natural Stones.

SKU: 27101221
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Features:

    Coverage varies from approximately 32 to 431 square feet of surface per liter/33.814 ounces of product.

     • Very porous surfaces: 32-65 square feet per liter. 

    Moderately porous surfaces: 75-161 square feet per liter.

    Low porous surfaces: 215-323 square feet per liter.

     • Very compact surfaces: 323-431 square feet per liter.


    Made in Italy/Royal Group Chemical.

    Distributor: Granite Care Plus LLC- "The Wow Effect"

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