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Restoration and Polishing
 Maintenance and Sealer Treatments
       and Service Calls

Restoration:  is needed when the surfaces are scratched, severely etched, chipped, and or cracked. Before the polishing or sealer treatments processes can start the restoration process must be completed. The restoration process starts by fixing the cracks and chips using epoxy color match, and removing most scratches by refinishing the surface to a honed smooth dull finish using diamond disks between [100 to 800 grit] and applying water as needed with a floor machine, and or a variable speed planetary polisher for decks, countertops and or steps. This process is usually the best solution to remove etched marks, ring marks, and most stains* from the surfaces. The restoration process will bring the surfaces to a manageable polishing or sealer treatment level for future maintenance. At this point the stone is considered to be HONED, at this stage the Polishing or Sealer Treatments can be applied. We strip clean the surfaces before restoration. 


Polishing: may also need diamond discs [1500 to 5000 grit] using very little water at a higher rpm`s speed, or using  super polishing pads, compounds, and or polishing fluids to achieve the maximum high gloss finish your stone can possible have. Only after the restoration and or polishing processes are completed, the correct Sealer Treatments can be applied to the specific stone surface.


NOTE:*some etch/ring/marks/stains might not be fully removed due to the depth and age of the blemish, however all possible attempts will be made to correct the issue.  Our Preparation Work prior to restoration or polishing includes covering all exposed areas such as cabinets, floors, and appliances to protect your home. Click on the gallery tab to browse on some pictures.

Sealer Treatments: The surfaces will be clean dry  [polished if needed] before the sealer treatment application. The sealer application uses 2-3 coats of premium grade sealers, water or solvent based, color and or non color enhancer sealers. Applying the the correct sealer treatment is the key to the ultimate protection.  The sealer treatments are applied with a a floor machine or variable speed buffer, creating fusion to form an invisible barrier to protect the surface, and to also avoid streaks or haze. The sealer treatment blocks future staining, it repels water, it minimizes damage from acidic fluids and oils, makes the surface impermeable to bacteria. The proper cleaning method prior to the sealer application uses denatured alcohol, acetone, stone cleaner, and pressure power steam [food prep areas] as needed for stains.

New anti mildew silicone/caulk (white, almond, or clear) is applied where the back-splash meets the countertops and at undermount sinks as needed. Allow the sealer to dry for 24-48 hours before wetting or food-prep. 


Seams and joint repairs. We repair fallen or about to fall under-mount sinks and or install dishwasher brackets. We inspect for structural issues that have or will occur, like cracks and or separated seams caused by improper fabrication or installation. Modifications and alterations include making an existing opening bigger, like a new stove, or drilling new holes in your countertops.

Granite Care Plus are the "Go-to-Guys" for both, the public and stone fabricators, or installation professionals alike.

Properly Treated Stones Are Relatively  Impervious To Bacteria

Tips for Cleaning and Sealing Granite and Natural Stone

Have it Professionally done by us. Granite Care Plus is the leader of Marble and Granite Professional Experts. Beware of lifetime sealer scams, and upholstery, carpet, cleaning or grouting cleaning and staining companies trying to emulate us. We are the ABSOLUTE EXPERTS in Stone Care. We make sure your countertops and or other surfaces are sealed properly, with the correct sealers using the best products, tools, and methods.  Natural stone should be stripped, cleaned, sanitized, and dried properly before Sealing or Re-sealing. To avoid future restoration cost we recommend Marble surfaces to be treated with this sealer treatment, at least every 6-12 months, and Granite every 12-24 months. For daily cleaning use warm water and a few drops of mild non-citrus, antibacterial soap. Rinse them with clean warm water and wipe them dry with a terry cloth or paper towels after each use. Avoid cleaning these surfaces with any cleaning products containing ammonia, bleach, chlorine, vinegar, chemical or organic acids, and or oils, and or phosphoric acid. Never put hot items such as pots, pans, or cosmetic items directly over these surfaces. Always use coasters and place mats, or rugs when using or sliding dishes or objects across these surfaces, this will minimize scratching. Wipe off any spills of orange juice, *vodka, soda, coffee, *pickle juice, hot sauce, and mustard off the marble immediately. Yearly maintenance will help protect these surfaces and keep them looking like new. *Pickle juice and vodka can etch the marble regardless of sealer treatment. Clean up any spills immediately.



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