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Restoration and Polishing
 Maintenance and Sealer Treatments
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When your stone surfaces are scratched, severely etched, chipped, or cracked, our restoration services provide the solution you need. Before the polishing or sealer treatment processes can begin, we ensure that the restoration process is completed to restore your surfaces to their former glory.

Our restoration process begins by addressing cracks and chips, using epoxy color match techniques to seamlessly repair the damaged areas. Next, we focus on removing most scratches, refinishing the surface to achieve a honed, smooth, and dull finish. This is accomplished by utilizing diamond disks ranging from 100 to 800 grit, along with water as needed. We employ floor machines and variable speed planetary polishers specifically designed for decks, countertops, and steps.

This comprehensive restoration process effectively eliminates etched marks, ring marks, and most stains* from the surfaces. By bringing the surfaces to a manageable level, we set the stage for future maintenance, whether through polishing or applying appropriate sealer treatments. Prior to restoration, we take care to strip clean the surfaces, ensuring a pristine foundation for the process.


In certain cases, your stone surfaces may require polishing to achieve the maximum high gloss finish possible. Our polishing services utilize diamond discs ranging from 1500 to 5000 grit, minimizing the use of water while operating at higher rpm speeds. Alternatively, we employ super polishing pads, compounds, and specialized polishing fluids to achieve exceptional results.

Only after the restoration and polishing processes are completed do we proceed with applying the correct sealer treatments tailored to the specific stone surface.

Please note that while we make every effort to address and correct all etch marks, ring marks, and stains, some blemishes may not be fully removed due to their depth or age. Rest assured, we will exhaust all possible attempts to resolve the issue and deliver the best possible outcome.

At Granite Care Plus, we prioritize the protection of your home. Prior to restoration or polishing, we take meticulous preparation measures by covering all exposed areas such as cabinets, floors, and appliances. For a visual representation of our work, please browse through our gallery tab to view a selection of pictures.

Polishing: To achieve a remarkable level of gloss and shine, our skilled technicians employ advanced polishing techniques tailored to your stone surfaces. We ensure the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and dry before initiating the polishing process. Using diamond discs ranging from 1500 to 5000 grit, or super polishing pads along with specialized compounds and fluids, we meticulously enhance the natural beauty of your stone, creating a stunning high-gloss finish that brings out its true elegance.

Sealer Treatments: Once the polishing process is complete, we move on to the vital step of sealer treatments. We begin by ensuring the surfaces are clean and dry, and if needed, we perform additional polishing to further refine the appearance. Our premium-grade sealer treatments offer optimal protection and are available in both water-based and solvent-based options. Whether you prefer color-enhancer or non-color-enhancer sealers, we have the right solution for your specific needs. Our experienced technicians apply 2-3 coats of sealer using a floor machine or variable speed buffer, ensuring thorough coverage and creating a fusion that forms an invisible barrier, safeguarding the surface against future staining and damage. The sealer treatment repels water, minimizes the impact of acidic fluids and oils, and makes the surface impermeable to bacteria.

In addition to our polishing and sealer treatments, we provide meticulous attention to detail. We offer the application of new anti-mildew silicone/caulk in white, almond, or clear colors at the junction of the backsplash and countertops, as well as around undermount sinks. This meticulous approach ensures a seamless finish and a clean appearance throughout.

At Granite Care Plus, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, protecting the longevity and beauty of your stone surfaces.


At Granite Care Plus, we offer comprehensive services for modifications and repairs to ensure your stone surfaces are in optimal condition. Our experienced team specializes in addressing various issues and providing solutions that meet your specific needs.

Seams and Joint Repairs: We excel in repairing fallen or unstable under-mount sinks, as well as providing professional installation of dishwasher brackets. Our meticulous inspection process identifies structural issues, such as cracks or separated seams, which may result from improper fabrication or installation. By utilizing our expertise, we can effectively address these issues, restoring the integrity and stability of your stone surfaces.

Modifications and Alterations: Whether you require enlarging an existing opening to accommodate a new stove or drilling new holes in your countertops, we have the expertise to handle your modification needs. Our skilled craftsmen ensure precise and accurate modifications, seamlessly integrating the changes with the existing stone surfaces. You can rely on us to deliver exceptional results that meet your exact specifications.

Granite Care Plus: Your Trusted Source As the "Go-to-Guys" for both the general public and stone fabricators or installation professionals, Granite Care Plus is known for our expertise and professionalism. We are dedicated to providing top-notch services that exceed expectations. For more information and to explore our full range of services, please visit our website at

Properly Treated Stones Are Relatively  Impervious To Bacteria

Tips for Cleaning and Sealing Granite and Natural Stone

When it comes to caring for your natural stone surfaces, entrusting the job to professionals is key. At Granite Care Plus, we take pride in being an industry leader in Marble and Granite Professional Experts. Beware of lifetime sealer scams and other cleaning companies that claim to provide similar services. We are the absolute experts in Stone Care, ensuring your countertops and other surfaces are sealed properly with the correct sealers, utilizing the best products, tools, and methods.

To maintain the longevity and beauty of your natural stone, it is crucial to follow proper care and maintenance routines. Before sealing or re-sealing, it is important to strip, clean, sanitize, and thoroughly dry the surfaces. For marble, we recommend treating the surfaces with a sealer treatment at least every 6-12 months, while granite should be treated every 12-24 months.

For daily cleaning, a simple solution of warm water and a few drops of mild non-citrus, antibacterial soap will suffice. After each use, rinse the surfaces with clean warm water and dry them thoroughly using a terry cloth or paper towels. Avoid using cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach, chlorine, vinegar, chemical or organic acids, oils, or phosphoric acid, as these can damage the stone.

Preventative measures are important to minimize potential damage. Never place hot items directly on the surfaces; always use coasters, place mats, or rugs when using or sliding dishes or objects across the stone to prevent scratching. Immediately wipe off spills of orange juice, vodka, soda, coffee, pickle juice, hot sauce, and mustard from marble surfaces. Yearly maintenance and prompt cleanup of spills will help protect and preserve the beauty of your natural stone.

At Granite Care Plus, we prioritize the long-term care and preservation of your natural stone surfaces.

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